The 2020 IOM Oceania Regional Championship will hosted by the Pegasus Radio Sailing Club on Lake Pegasus. Lake Pegasus is located in the newly established Pegasus town, named after the nearby Pegasus Bay and is located approx 25km north of Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand. 

Christchurch International Airport is the closest airport located approx 27km south of Pegasus and is easily accessed by two lane highway (for the majority of the way). Direct flights to Christchurch are available from most Australian capitals flying with Virgin Australia, Qantas, Jetstar & Air New Zealand. Travel from other international locations may require connecting flights through Auckland or an Australian airport (dependent on which direction you are coming from).

Lake Pegasus covers 18 hectares, is 500 metres long and varies between 100 and 200 metres wide providing 3.5 km of foreshore with numerous areas to sail from.

Sailing Information

Wind Conditions
Along the east coast of Canterbury the wind regime is complicated by a cool sea breeze from the N.E quarter, particularly in late-spring (Nov) with average wind speed of 9.29 knots with 35% chance of wind speed of +16 knots.

Approx Water Depth
Varies but generally in excess of 2m.

Max Wave Height
0-30cm waves (wind generated/no swell).

Tidal Influence

State of Weed Growth
The weed in Lake Pegasus is a common freshwater weed found in similar lakes and waterways throughout New Zealand and is not preventable. Weed growth in the lake naturally increases during the spring/summer season and slows in winter. While sailing is generally conducted in a weed free environment there is no guarantee that weed will not be present during the event. 

Launch Area
Dry Launching

Course/Course Areas
Seven course areas are available which will cater for all wind directions. Banks around the lake provide excellent visibility of the course area.







up to 7* days of sailing



Championship Events


27-29 November, 2020

Lake Pegasus
Christchurch, New Zealand


02-05 December, 2020

Lake Pegasus
Christchurch, New Zealand

Lake Pegasus

A spectacular radio sailing venue!

Multiple courses areas, great prevailing winds, grassed rigging areas, dry launching into fresh water. It doesn't get much better!